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Solar Panel Cleaners

Solar Panel Cleaning In Wolverhampton and Stourbridge 

Our Solar Panel Cleaning service is offered to residential, commercial and industrial properties in Wolverhampton, Stourbridge and the West Midlands.

Solar panels work by light entering the solar cells. The greater the amount of light hitting the panel the more efficient the panel will be at producing power.To enable solar panels to maintain their optimum performance levels they need to be cleaned.

We offer a solar panel cleaning service that is not only safe but can increase the performance of your residential solar panels by upto 20% and upto 60% gains for industrial and commercial solar installations.

Our solar panel cleaners use the very lastest techniques and equiptment to ensure your solar panel cleaning is acheived in a safe,  professional and cost effective manner.

Solar Panel Cleaning | Safeshine Window Cleaning

Protect your investment and maximise its potential by regularly cleaning and maintaining your solar panels as rainwater alone will not achieve this! We recommend a 6 monthly cleaning cycle to enable your system to generate maximum solar gains.

Contact our solar panel cleaner speacialists today on..... We service Wolverhampton, Stourbridge & the West Midlands.
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