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Gutter Clearance in Wolverhampton and Stourbridge

Prevent damage to your property with our gutter cleaning/clearance service in the Wolverhampton, Stourbridge & West Midlands area.

Your properties guttering system is designed to take rainwater from your roof system and deposit it into an adequate rainwater drain or soakaway via a downpipe.


Over a period of time your guttering and your downpipe can become blocked with a build up of moss, leaves, weeds etc unless you have them cleaned. The result of the blockage is an in-adequate water escape route. Instead of the guttering and downpipe system removing the water from your roof, water is forced over the top of the guttering and directly onto your external brickwork/rendering. Over time this can lead to problems with your property and a great deal of expense.

We offer a gutter cleaning service that we guarantee will remove anything blocking or with the potential to cause problems to your guttering system. This is achieved by using a gutter vacuum and camera system.  

About our gutter clearance service


  • No mess vacuum system

  • Camera for peace of mind

  • Access to difficult areas (above conservatory etc)

  • Full liability insurance

  • High quality blockage clearance

Safeshine Window Cleaning | Gutter Cleaning/Clearance | Kingswinford | Stourbridge

Don't neglect your gutter system to the point it needs replacing. Maintain it by using our gutter cleaning service and prolong the life of your guttering. Replacing can be expensive. Safe Shine offer competitive prices for a high quality gutter clearance & cleaning service.

For all your gutter cleaining & clearance needs around Wolverhampton & Stourbridge give Safe Shine a call on 07779 200 100 or 
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